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  1. Game Server Rules

    1. Rights and obligations of the parties

    1.1. This server is free. Accordingly, the administration deals with it solely at its own expense and exclusively at its own request.
    1.2. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation. Confirming the registration on the server, you automatically agree with the general rules of the project.
    1.3. Maintaining a server is not a priority for the administration.
    1.4. The administration is not responsible for the temporary or permanent inability to play on the server by a specific person or group of persons.
    1.5. The administration has the right at any time, without giving reasons, to stop providing access to the server to a specific user or subnet as a whole.
    1.6. The administration is not obliged to return items, any items, pets, accounts, characters or their parameters lost by players for any possible reason.
    1.7. In the event of a malfunction in the server, the Administration takes the necessary actions to restore its operation as soon as possible.
    1.8. Players are required to comply with the requirements of the Administration and the requirements of this agreement.
    1.9. Responsibility lies with the account holder, regardless of who performed the actions under this account.
    1.10. All players are required to independently monitor the lack of software prohibited by paragraph 3.1 of the rules on the computers from which access to the game servers is carried out.
    1.11. In case of violation by a player of any clauses of this agreement by other players, the user of the service has the right to file a complaint to the email address and the Forum Administrator with a personal message, providing evidence of the violation (screenshots, videos).
    1.12. Accounts and all their contents are the property of the server administration.
    1.13 Any transactions for the exchange of certificates created on our website for gaming values are protected by the administration.
    1.14 Afk farm (hunting for monsters without being permanently behind a gaming device) is prohibited.

    2. Interaction with the server administration (all groups and subgroups)

    2.1. It is forbidden to contact the server Administration unless absolutely necessary. Any appeal to the Administration should contain a clear statement of the player’s problem or a question specific to the server’s operation (the Server Administration reserves the right not to answer questions).
    Punishment: at the discretion of the Administration.

    2.2. Disrespectful attitude towards the server Administration is prohibited.
    Punishment: from blocking chat for 24 hours to blocking all accounts on the forum and server.

    2.3. Threats of any nature to the Server Administration are prohibited, both on the forum and in the game.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts on the forum and server.

    2.4. It is forbidden to interfere with the work of the Administration
    Punishment: from blocking the character for a day to blocking all accounts of the violator.

    2.5. It is forbidden to wrangle and challenge the actions of the Administration.
    Punishment: at the discretion of the Administration.

    2.6. Administration cheating is prohibited.
    Punishment: from blocking for a day to blocking all accounts of the intruder on the forum and server.

    2.7. It is forbidden to publish conversations with the Administration, or their contents without prior approval.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts of the violator.

    2.8. It is forbidden to discuss the punishment established by the Administration.
    Punishment: at the discretion of the Administration.

    2.9. The administration does not interfere in the game process, with the exception of cases of violation of the rules, the holding of planned events or ongoing work.

    2.10. It is forbidden to spread rumors, slander about the server and the Administration.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts of the violator.

    3. Using programs, gameplay

    3.1.1 It is forbidden to use programs that emulate the presence of a player in the game or disrupt the normal functioning of the server software (it is also forbidden to keep the program data running when playing on the server). By such are meant programs that modify the client or replace it, and change or facilitate the gameplay by non-game methods.
    Punishment: blocking of all accounts of the violator with the possibility of paid unlocking through personal account.

    3.2.1 Unauthorized access to someone else's gaming account is prohibited.
    Punishment: blocking all user accounts on the server and forum.

    3.2.2 Theft of other people's game values is prohibited. If there is correspondence in the game about the temporary transfer of items and / or adena to other players, about the sale and other deals with items, you can contact technical support regarding theft or fraud with game values. As evidence of fraud, messages are taken into account in any chat rooms, as well as in a personal store.
    Punishment: at the discretion of the Administration.

    3.3. Threats are forbidden in any manifestation towards the players, if the threat is not part of the role-play.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts of the violator.

    3.4. It is forbidden to sell or buy for real money, as well as equivalent “electronic means of payment” (WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc.), any game items (adena, gold, weapons, armor, resources, etc.). Selling game characters and (or) accounts is prohibited for any non-game values. It is forbidden to mention or conduct discussion of such transactions in the game, on the forum, as well as on third-party resources.
    Punishment: blocking all user accounts on the server and forum.

    3.5. It is forbidden to exchange between servers of different complexes of any game things (adena, gold, weapons, armor, resources, etc.). The exchange of game characters and (or) accounts and their sale for game values is prohibited in any form, including within the same server. It is forbidden to mention or conduct discussion of such transactions in the game, on the forum, as well as on third-party resources.
    Punishment: blocking all user accounts on the server and forum.

    3.6. It is forbidden to explicitly or indirectly advertise other online games, any other extraneous projects.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts of the violator.

    3.7. It is forbidden to publish the content of personal conversations (in private) with anyone without prior consent (exception - a message about a violation of the rules by another player).
    Punishment: from blocking the chat for 24 hours to blocking all accounts.

    3.8. It is forbidden to explicitly or indirectly advertise sexual services and / or materials of an erotic (pornographic) nature.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts of the violator.

    3.9. Any manifestations of racism and Nazism are prohibited.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts of the violator.

    4. Using server errors (bugs)

    4.1. It is forbidden to use server errors (bugs).
    Punishment: at the discretion of the Administration.

    4.2. If you find a server error (bug), you must report this to any representative of the Administration.

    5. Communication, naming

    5.1. It is strictly forbidden to use foul language and insulting players both in the game and on the forum.
    5.2. Clan names, clan abbreviations, character names, titles that offend other players or simply contain vulgar language are not allowed.
    5.3. When creating a character, it is forbidden to give him a name containing reserved words: GM, Administrator and the names of the representatives of the Administration, both previously used and real.

    5.4. It is forbidden to impersonate the Administration or an authorized representative of the Administration.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts on the server and forum.

    5.5. It is forbidden to impersonate a guarantor when concluding any trade transactions on game servers or on the forum.
    Punishment: blocking all accounts on the server and forum.

    6. Addition to the rules

    6.1. These rules are subject to change without notice.
    6.2. The administration has the right to choose a measure of punishment, based on the situation of violation of these rules. Both towards mitigation, and towards increase in punishment.

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  2. Forum Rules

    This forum is a place of free communication, and we adhere to the principle of maintaining the purity and civilization of this communication.

    On our forum, everything is allowed, except for the following:

    Mat, offensive remarks about other people or companies, bullying people.
    Incitement and provocation of quarrels, squabbles, swearing, etc.
    Pointless flood when a person is CONSTANTLY marked in all topics in a row.
    Hatering - overly malicious statements in which anger comes first, and meaning, logic and arguments are somewhere behind. When they speak out with a view to throw out anger, ignoring the fact that it is unpleasant for others and hits those people, companies or games that they are discussing. Posts of this kind are prohibited.
    The publication on the forum of materials containing: porn, nudity, scenes of violence, BDSM or simply causing strong negative emotions.
    Propaganda of violence, fascism, inciting ethnic hatred.
    Propaganda and stories about any drugs in any form.
    Creating forum accounts that duplicate existing forum users.
    Creating forum accounts with obscene or just rude words or hints of rude words.
    Creation of several forum accounts for trading in trade sections.
    The publication of referral links is prohibited.
    It is forbidden to publish materials and links related to crack, warez, bots, exploits and other things, which can be attributed to dishonest game or violation of the rights of players and developers / publishers of games and other software, or violates existing legislation.
    Commercial advertising and actions contrary to the interests of the forum administration. Obtrusive advertising of any projects in posts and signatures
    Necroposting (raising very old topics) is not welcome. The pointless necroposting of several topics at once is prohibited.
    Raising an old topic in order to ask a meaningful question on the topic of discussion is allowed (only for non-flood topics).
    Publication of private information and photos / pictures without the express permission of the owner of the private information and the person depicted in the photo / picture. Publication of information from closed sources that do not involve the dissemination of information.
    Avatars and signatures depicting scenes of violence, cruelty, propaganda of prohibited materials. Evoking strong negative emotions, excessively large, vibrant, annoying images and text.
    A dispute or abuse with a moderator / administrator in open sections about his / her professional actions (namely moderation). It does not concern disputes when the moderator participates in the discussion substantively.
    Creating and using a new forum account by a blocked user.
    The main language of communication on this forum is Russian.
    Violating the rules of the forum you will receive account locks at the discretion of the Administration

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  3. About profanity and insults in the game

    I would like to clarify the position of the administration on the topic of mat in various kinds of game chats, as well as interpersonal insults.


    The administration is not responsible for the statements and actions of players in the game.
    The administration makes some efforts to prevent the use of obscene expressions in general chats - common phrases are replaced by the inscription [censored]
    The administration does not interfere with the gameplay
    The administration controls only objective obstacles to the game: flood, prohibited advertising, RMT (real money trading).
    It is strictly forbidden to checkmate in Hero-chat and general-chats. Punishment for such misconduct will be cruel.
    Interpersonal insults in personal chat (PM) are not grounds for blocking. Use the / block command

    Explanation of our position:

    We are not educators, not parents and not teachers, we cannot teach players manners and punish them for misconduct. Our main task is to maintain normal objective conditions of the game for everyone. We can’t run after each player, follow all the chats, as this does not make any sense. Players themselves form the game world and culture in it; we cannot and should not impose with an iron hand the questions of “how to behave”.

    There are ways to save yourself from the annoying player - / block. You can turn off chat, if you do not want to block, you can turn off chat in which you do not like the text. This is a feature of your perception that you are uncomfortable with the text in the chat - that is why you must decide for yourself. The most effective way to deal with such cases is to ignore such actors.

    I hope the players understand that the introduction of moderators \ flood controllers \ mat-stoppers and other similar posts only exacerbates the situation - obscene language becomes part of the game, since you need to fight it. When people are forbidden something, they make every effort to do contrary.

    The provision that the mat is prohibited does not mean that it is punishable. This only expresses our position that we condemn such words, but we do not consider it correct to impose our position on the players with an iron fist.

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  4. To help the player

    Before creating a ticket with a problem in tech support:

    1. Log in to your account in your account on the website
    2. Open the "Technical Support" tab
    3. Issue a ticket (problem question)

    Your question should be as clear and concise as possible.
    If you find an error in the game, you need to send this ticket to the name of the Forum Administrator, attaching a screenshot with the error itself, describe in detail your actions before the error occurs, as well as the proposed solution (correction) with links to sources.

    4. Submit for review.

    The answer usually comes within 24 hours, in rare cases, where it is necessary to clarify certain parameters and their comparisons - up to 72 hours.

    It is also possible to issue a ticket to the administrator of our Discord channel.



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  5. Benefits of the official Lineage II Gracia Epilogue platform

    InGame Power is a project of only original game servers. We use original Korean servers, proven over the years, and Lineage II Gracia Epilogue is no exception to this rule. To immerse you in the world of real nostalgia, we decided to recreate a server whose chronicles are so loved by many players. We offer you the best L2 atmosphere in the original performance! All game experience over the past years has been compiled to recreate an improved version of your favorite game.

    Why the original platform is better:

    The official version is the only option that you can fully play. Emulators are always behind in implementation.
    All game mechanisms and odds correspond to the original.
    The best platform = the best game project!

    You will not have any doubts - this is exactly the game that you have been waiting for. Lineage II veterans will immediately understand the merits of the original platform, and beginners will still receive the best of the available chronicles in the world of Lineage II.

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  6. About Security Account

    Remember, your main defense is your vigilance!

    We are not engaged in the return of gaming values in any way. Even if this is your sibling to whom you have entrusted the account, he has robbed you. All calls in those. support on this issue immediately closes.
    If you have a question about restoring access to your Account - write to technical support and nowhere else, telling the email address to which the account was registered, its individual SNN code (shown only once upon successful account registration).

    Do not spam on the forum.


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